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We are committed to look constantly for improvement and innovation to achieve our goal of being as much sustainable as possible.


« After visiting many factories and tanneries during the past years, I was always surprised with the amount of leathers that was stocked in their warehouse. I’ve always thought there was a huge potential on it. »
Bea Recoder

At RECO we’ve decided to use only dead stock surplus for all our collections. This means we are not contributing to the production of leather, with all the negative environmental impact. Rather we seek to be creative with the available resources by up-cycling an already existing material, which is what sustainability is for us: doing the most with the available resources.

Our leathers come from tanneries in Spain and Italy supplying some of the best luxury brands. Our priority is to up-cycle an already existing material, but we try as much as possible to select only tanneries certified by Leather Working Group (LWG), an international organisation that evaluates the environmental compliance and performance of the leather industry. 


The consequence of using dead stock leather means that our quantities depends on the leather availability. We carefully select the leathers to ensure the best quality. Since the stock is limited, our collections exist in very small quantities (from 15 to 40 pieces per color). Once the leather is over, we can’t reproduce the same color anymore, unless we find it again in another stock, which is very difficult.


Inspired by the patchwork technique, Reco assembles together small leather pieces to create the most organic shape with the available material. This process allow us to make the most of the leather skin reducing waste.


It is in a small factory in the south of Spain where the magic happens. Founded in 2004 by the owner, Laura, who grew up in her father’s leather goods factory, with the goal of helping small brand to develop their projects. It is, in part, thanks to her support that we are able to produce our collections in a sustainable way, producing small quantities per color (based in the material availability) and avoiding overproduction.


The patchwork of the Rombo and Cubo bag requires a complex process to assemble all the small leather pieces together. It is in our factory in Chennai, in the South of India, and thanks to its know-how, that the bag is produced. We privilege the fact that the product is completely manufactured in the same place rather than dividing the process in different countries. With its ultimate technology, they have the capacity to do bigger quantities, nevertheless, they’ve accepted to support RECO by producing in small quantities. Our long-lasting relationship though-out the pasts years working together has made this collaborate possible and we are very thankful.


We’ve decided to focus most of our expenses on the one thing that truly matters: the product. This is why we sacrifice the cost of a premium packaging in order to offer the best price. We’re also taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging we use and continually looking to minimise and optimise the materials.

Our dust bags are made from dead stock fabric. This is why, if you buy more than one RECO product, you might get a dust bag in a different color.

Our thank you cards has been made in collaboration with a woman artist to share their work. Learn more

Our cardboard boxes are 100% recycled and recyclable.


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