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At RECO, we've found treasure in the unexpected: high-quality leather left unused in warehouses. Founder Bea Recoder's visits to factories and tanneries ignited a commitment to sustainability, focusing on making the most of existing resources. We prioritize deadstock leather for our collections, minimizing the environmental impact of new leather production. While we've started to include some new leather to meet demand, our essence is in reimagining and transforming what already exists into something extraordinary.

Our materials are sourced from luxury-quality tanneries in Spain and Italy, with a strong emphasis on working with suppliers certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) for environmental standards. Our production is inherently limited, offering exclusive collections of 15 to 40 pieces per color due to the unique nature of deadstock leather. This scarcity fuels our creativity, leading to the use of patchwork techniques that minimize waste and celebrate the beauty of each piece.

Production is carried out in two carefully chosen factories in Spain and India, where Bea Recoder's close collaboration ensures our high standards of craftsmanship and quality.

In packaging, our commitment to the environment continues. Dust bags made from deadstock fabric and recyclable cardboard boxes reflect our sustainable ethos. Our thank-you cards, produced in collaboration with women artists, add a personal touch, highlighting our dedication to both sustainability and the support of artistic talent.

Every aspect of RECO, from design to delivery, embodies our dedication to sustainability, creativity, and the thoughtful reuse of materials, making each RECO piece uniquely beautiful and environmentally conscious.


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