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The lover holding your hand

Ruby Hughes born in London, started Sshepaints in an effort for us to connect during the Pandemic. Painting memories of Aperols and pizza in the sun, to cups of coffee and afternoon chatter.

The ethos behind Sshepaints is - ‘Anyone can paint’. The uneven, wonky quality of Ruby’s pieces invites you to feel inspired, and either want to grab a paintbrush or go and sit in a wine bar.’

The purpose of this collaboration was to customize a small serie of 12 bags by making them even more special. Made from surplus leather, those had minor defects an resulted in the discard of our quality control. However, their beauty and uniqueness persist. How could we give them another chance? 

Pushing the boundaries of luxury handbags though art an upcycling, the collaboration explores the concept of wearing a painting with a playful and fun approach. The association with Sshepaints effortless art results on a small collection of three different paintings with Ruby’s memories of Pasta sauce, glasses of wine and the beauty in everyday life.

Painted by hand in her studio in Brighton, the collaboration will be available from Dec 1st. 


4 hand painted pieces


Más vino

4 hand painted pieces


Pomodoro mi amor

4 hand painted pieces

Photographer Ruby Hughes

Video Rahma Abdoul

Music Lucas Lopez


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